Summary Report

Yes, you are just one more step away from hiring the ultimate candidate for your company. TestLibra avails you with the detailed summary report of the candidate upon the successful completion of the assessment. But, do you really need this report? How does it help in hiring? The goal of this blog is to address all these concerns and bring clarity. Let’s look at what this summary report of a candidate consists of and why is it another critical step of hiring.

The video recordings of the assessment:

Remember how we record the proctored evaluation quiz for future reference in any case of malpractices? What if you notice something unusual during the speculation but are not sure about it. Accusing an innocent guilty is worse. So what can you do? The video recording of the complete assessment can be used if any suspicious activity is detected before taking action. This video recording is provided to HR in the summary report. Now, take action after confirming the accusation.

Candidate’s attempted answers:

Want to check the candidate’s knowledge before taking the interview? TestLibra’s summary report includes the list of the attempted answers in the quiz to give you a better idea of the candidate’s academic knowledge. Not just that but it also makes a perfect review before making a hiring decision.

Suspicious behavior or detected anomalies:

We had already introduced you to all the measures TestLibra has taken to make the whole assessment free of any malpractices. It’s time to get the report on any such detected behavior of the candidate by the sophisticated features of TestLibra. Get the complete list of anomalies detected and act against the candidate accordingly.

A summary report of a candidate is enormously helpful as it gives the summarized result of the candidate’s performance during the assessment. This report gives a good overview of the candidate and makes a perfect candidate check before the interview. Review the candidates performance in the assessment easily before or after hiring with the summary report given by TestLibra.

Hire with TestLibra

TestLibra has revolutionized online assessments. In addition to the great safety and anti-cheating features, TestLibra has also presented features to hire the best candidate. TestLibra aims to evolve online assessments and hire the best candidates for your company. The features offered make online assessments far superior to conventional offline assessments. In addition to that, the online assessments as completely safe with TestLibra. Hire the best candidate for your company with TestLibra.

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