Resume Screening

Hiring can be extremely cumbersome when going through the endless ocean of resumes. The huge pile of CVs left to shortlist is the most laborious part of hiring. This not only consumes a large sum of time but also reduces the efficiency of HR. With the increasing number of resumes checked, the efficiency of shortlisting falls, and HR may not be able to shortlist properly. Due to this, efficiency drops down drastically when the number of CVs is extremely high. As a consequence of the above problem, the odds of missing out on the potential candidates rise. So, what can we do to make this Resume Screening process easier? Is there a way to simplify this situation? Gladly, yes there is!

In today’s world, we have replaced the smallest labor with automated machines. Then, why do we still invest in human labor when that same effort can be used elsewhere? Machines unlike humans can give extremely amazing efficiency and are proved to be way better in many tasks. The outcomes of technology are beyond wonderful and putting them for the right work can save enormous time and energy. TestLibra takes full advantage of this assistance offered by technology and wittily solves this problem.

Resume Screening with TestLibra

So far we witnessed why there is an immense need for a substitute for checking out each and every resume. TestLibra brings the Resume Screening feature as a solution. This resume screening process is drastically simplified and now one can be assured of not missing out on any probable candidate.

How does this Resume Screening feature works? Let us find out.

TestLibra is here to exponentially reduce the number of CVs by filtering them according to your needs and requirements. Our automated systems will let you extract the exact resumes you are looking for according to the filters set like work experience years, qualification, skills set, etc. TestLibra filters out the required CVs and now the HR can properly shortlist from these filtered ones. Hence, this reduces unnecessary labor and saves time. Hire with full efficiency and shortlist the best candidates with TestLibra.

Looking for hiring remotely? Choose TestLibra

TestLibra keeps you updated with the latest technology. Therefore, save your time and hire the finest candidates with TestLibra. Our team is working hard to revolutionize online assessments. We are developing innovative features to help you overcome the barrier of holding online assessments. Experience TestLibra and hire the best candidates now.

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