reminders to the candidate

How many times have you missed an important meeting or class just due to the lack of sufficient reminders? It is totally possible to get caught up in a sea of important tasks and miss out few of them. The same thing can happen with a candidate during the placement season. Multiple assessments going on every day can let candidates miss out on some of them. This may result in the loss of a potential candidate due to a trivial mistake and thus becomes an issue not just for the candidate but also for the company.

The Reminders to the candidate by TestLibra

We consider this our duty to let no candidate miss any assessment. TestLibra generates reminder emails from time to time to ensure each candidate attends the assessment on time. The automated reminders generated by TestLibra are on time and will not miss out on any candidate and remind each one of them. Now be assured of your candidates as TestLibra takes up their responsibility. Never miss out on any potential candidate with TestLibra.

reminders to the candidate

Why choose us?

TestLibra has achieved multiple milestones by introducing revolutionary features to conduct remote assessments. These features have not only made online assessments safe and free of malpractices but also make sure you hire the finest of candidates. The features like Multiple people detection, Electronic gadget detection, Resume Screening, Reminders, Pre-hiring, Virtual KYC, etc. offered by TestLibra make online assessments better than offline assessments. Choose TestLibra now and hire the best candidates for your company as per your needs.

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