Doubting whether the online pre-hiring process would go as smoothly? The cumbersome pre-hiring processes are a big deal in offline assessment and are an absolute challenge when things get online. But don’t worry, we have got your back. TestLibra brings you an easy, safe, and fraud-free pre-hiring process at your comfort.

Pre-Hiring got easier with TestLibra

Pre-hiring is an integral part of the hiring process for the company and one reason why companies don’t prefer opting for online assessments. Identity verification emerges as one of the biggest challenges here. But with the technological advancement in this era, there exists a solution to every problem. Pre-hiring is no longer a resistance for online assessments with TestLibra. Instead, pre-hiring gives you numerous advantages over offline assessments. The features for Pre-Hiring by TestLibra are:

Resume Screening:

Relieve yourself from the worry of going through the huge pile of CVs on your desk. TestLibra comes to your aid. The automated system of TestLibra helps you shortlist the candidates who cross the bar set by the company. It is no longer needed to go through each CV and shortlist. Instead, get the resume screened using TestLibra and further shortlist from the fewer CVs. Set the shortlisting filters such as qualification, experience, skills, etc. Rank your candidates accordingly and get your ideal candidates will stand out from the crowd.

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Virtual KYC:

Get the candidate’s ID verified online. TestLibra presents the virtual KYC feature. The candidate can only appear for the assessment after successful identity verification. Hence, no worries about fraud or cyber-attacks as we secure you by the ID verification of the candidate. Your safety comes above all.

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Never let any candidate miss out on assessments with TestLibra. TestLibra takes up the responsibility of all the candidates and reminds them frequently of the upcoming assessment via mail. Thus, there are no chances of missing out on any potential candidate with TestLibra.

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With all these amazing features, the pre-hiring process of TestLibra becomes better than any other. Hiring the best candidate is a cakewalk now. Technology now serves you better than ever. And with the advantage of this Technology, TestLibra enables you to hire the best candidates remotely. Despite being greatly efficient, TestLibra is also safe and protects your privacy better than anyone. Hire the finest candidates for your company with TestLibra.

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