Online Proctoring

One of the biggest reasons for holding evaluations offline was to monitor each individual and make sure no unethical acts take place. Exams without monitoring can never make sense. How do you assess multiple people’s activities when you all are present in different places? Thankfully, technology took away this barrier like all the others. We have the facility of online proctoring to ensure proper invigilation takes place. Apart from monitoring candidates to avoid cheating, it is also important to connect with candidates to clarify the doubts that they may have in the middle of the assessment. Technology once again gets you out of this problem. This is the most basic but very important aspect of online assessments.

TestLibra supports online proctoring in the assessments which is the solution to the above-mentioned problems. Let us discuss further what this feature is and how is it extremely helpful in hiring assessments.

Online Proctoring with TestLibra

TestLibra adding on to its other features lets you invigilate online without interruption to eliminate cheating. This feature works with all the other anti-cheating features offered by TestLibra to work strongly against cheating. Additionally, the invigilator may communicate with the candidates and solve their queries in the middle of the assessment thus ensuring that the evaluation goes on smoothly. One can invigilate remotely at ease which is an amazing perk of online assessments. Thus, with all these profound features TestLibra once again removes all the barriers to online assessments and makes hiring super easy.

Choose TestLibra to hire the best candidates

TestLibra brings you several other features like Multiple people detection, audio, and video recordings, etc. All these features work with webcam monitoring to ensure the complete elimination of malpractices. Team TestLibra is working at its best to make online assessments safe, reliable, and valuable. Experience the prime online assessments with TestLibra and hire the finest of candidates.

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