Objective type assessment

The conventional subjective examinations are being overpowered by the objective type assessments that have been trending over in the past few years. Wondering why is that so?

Let’s discuss why the objective type assessments are taking over and how can you assess your candidates accurately to hire the finest of candidates and avoid missing out on the right candidate in this blog.

Why are objective assessments the best way to assess?

Multiple-choice questions consist of multiple options out of which one or more than one may be correct. The candidates must mark one or more than one answers according to the instructions given,

The typical way of assessment by subjective examinations has been quite effective to judge one’s in-depth knowledge. But this way of assessment has been surpassed by the objective type examinations now. Following are some of the reasons why multiple-choice questions evaluate more accurately and will hire you the best of the candidates available:

Helps in evaluating all the students impartially:
  • There may be more than one invigilator grading the candidates. In this case, there are high chances of one marking leniently while the other going strict. In any condition, it is not possible for both to grade with equal strictness. This results in unequal evaluation and may lead to the loss of the right candidate.
Problem-solving skill check:
  • Subjective papers are good to check the deep knowledge of a candidate. On the other hand, the objective type helps in evaluating the problem-solving skill of an individual which is a must-have skill for every position. The interviewer can check the in-depth knowledge of the candidate later during the interview round.
Evaluate a large number of candidates equally:
  • When assessing too many candidates, it is a real challenge to grade everyone equally in subjective type. But this is no big deal in the multiple-choice exams as the answer is either right or wrong. So, impartial grading does not stand a chance even when assessing many candidates.
Cannot trick the grader:
  • It is easy to trick the grader and score marks even when you don’t know the correct answer but write stuff about related things. This is however not justified for the person who writes the exact answer. Avoid this by opting objective type assessment.
Grading gets easy:
  • The multiple-choice questions provide results straight after the completion of the assessment. However, the subjective type is difficult to grade and takes up a lot more time than the objective.

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