Multiple People Detection

Multiple people in online assessment

One of the most common methods of cheating in school examinations was to ask your friend or someone sitting next to you for the answer. This is one of the easiest and safest means of cheating in offline assessments. However, this technique of cheating goes beyond school or college and comes into the picture in online assessments too. In most online assessments, there is the presence of multiple people. It is a piece of cake to trick the interviewer despite being monitored. Even upon using multiple cameras for proctoring, there is always a tremendously high chance of hiding oneself from the field of view of the cameras. So, how to solve this?

TestLibra supports the Multiple People Detection feature. This eliminates the possibility of the presence of multiple people in the room. This is one of the best anti-cheating features offered by TestLibra. So now, let us discover more about what this feature does and how it detects the presence of multiple people.

Multiple people detection using TestLibra

After working on sophisticated algorithms for a long, TestLibra has successfully managed to tackle this challenge. TestLibra integrates the Multiple People Detection feature. This feature informs the interviewer of the presence of anyone other than the interviewee. Whether multiple people giving assessments together or anyone present in the room to help the candidate, TestLibra got them all. No one can hide away from this outstanding feature of TestLibra. This feature infallibly prevents malpractices and makes online assessments much more reliable.

It is very difficult to stop malpractices in offline assessments too. The probability of cheating is very high even in the presence of multiple Invigilators. To prevent cheating using this technique is almost impossible with the help of human resources. There exist certain limits to human capabilities and hence they fail to help sometimes. Technology comes to our aid in these cases. This feature gives the upper hand to online assessments in comparison with offline assessments.

Hire with TestLibra

TestLibra is working hard and innovating constantly to make online assessments safe, fair, and efficient. TestLibra avails you with advanced features and sophisticated functionality. The possibilities of malpractices in online assessments have been totally removed by the features like Online proctoring, audio and video recording, electronic device detection, etc. Also, the features like data security and privacy, virtual KYC, etc have made online assessments much safer than they ever were.

Online assessments are no longer a choice but a necessity in today’s world. Hence, take the fairest online assessments with TestLibra and hire the best candidates.

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