Mass Assessments Just Got Easier.

Everything went online with Covid, including assessments, and it’s a struggle for teachers to generate and send out exams to everyone. And it is possible that they will miss out on someone. Testlibra allows you to build customised tests and distribute them to a large number of people at once, allowing you to avoid mistakes and reduce your workload. Now taking Mass assessments got easier.


Want to distribute assessments to a large group of people but are tired of doing it manually? With TestLibra, it is now simple to run an online test and allows you to send mass assessments. We provide services that will save you time and resources while also allowing you to execute a smooth examination. 

TestLibra now allows you to send bulk assessments, saving you time and allowing you to work smarter rather than harder. Add all candidates to the panel with a single click and send bulk invitations to run multiple sorts of exams at the same time your difficult work is now made easy.


Conduct a test to bulk candidates with these steps-

1) Create a test you can also choose ready-made templates or customise your assessment. 

2) Open the test, click Bulk invite

3) Download a sample CSV file

4) Add the candidate’s details in that sample file format

5) Click send Invitations

Now we have sent the test to all those candidates this is Mass Assessments

You no longer have to battle for hours, and your task will be completed on time and without stress. Testlibra is working hard to lower your workload and enable you to perform lengthy activities in a short period of time. One feature that allows users to reduce their workload and send invitations with a single click is the mass assessment option.

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