Fraud Detection and Prevention

The technology is rapidly advancing but so are the techniques of fraud and malpractices. The ease of cheating in online interviews is tremendously high. This high probability of fraud in online inspections is one of the biggest reasons to prioritize face-to-face interviews over online interviews. Fraud detection and prevention in online interviews thus emerges as a big challenge and is an absolute necessity.

What is fraud in online assessments?

In this competitive world we live in today, everyone struggles to get their dream job or position. And this somewhere leads to malpractices and wrongdoings as a shortcut to overcome the competition. The common complaint about online assessments is the exponential increase in malpractices. People tend to get help from Bluetooth devices, and other people in the room.

Due to the above-mentioned reasons, people are often reluctant to take online assessments. But, in this High-Tech era, till when can we avoid online interviews?

How does TestLibra detect fraud and prevents it?

TestLibra has successfully managed to tackle all these challenges. With its advanced and sophisticated features, TestLibra ensures the detection and prevention of all the malpractices possible. TestLibra presents us with its AI-powered facial detection feature to verify the person ought to give the interview. This feature removes the possibility of substituting anyone in the place of the person selected for the interview.

Another big concern of the interviewer is the secret use of devices in online interviews to get help. This does not stand a chance in face-to-face interviews. Hence, the use of mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, or any other object violating the rules during the interview is to be stopped. TestLibra consists of a Foreign Object Detection feature that senses the presence of any such devices.

In addition to all these features, fraud prevention is ensured by presenting the blacklist record of an individual to the interviewer in advance to beware of such unethical acts by that individual.

What if there are people out of the camera view to help the individual giving the interview? TestLibra again removes all the worries as it has inbuilt Multiple People Detection to notify the presence of more than one in the room.

Why choose TestLibra?

TestLibra has come up with a solution to all the possible means of unfair acts and thus removes all the fraud concerns one has. Apart from all these features for fraud detection, TestLibra has also worked in the fraud prevention department. TestLibra records the fraud history and blacklists the candidate. You will be with the complete history of malpractices to the interviewer in advance of the interview.

What are other possible ways of fraud? TestLibra, built by young enthusiasts have listed down all the means of malpractices and smartly reached a solution to all of them. In this global age of endless digital fraud, TestLibra is all set to revolutionize the world and make the digital system reliable.

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