Foreign Object Detection: Cheating Not Possible Now!!

Foreign Object Detection 
Online exams

In 2020 when covid hit everything went online. From offices to educational institutions and it is so that the exams were taken online, and this led to unfair results. Cheating is highly common during online tests. The examiner has no way of knowing what the participant is doing or whether he or she is using any other device to copy. Foreign Object evaluation also helps in evaluation and onboarding. Not every platform includes Foreign Object Detection. It can determine whether or not a foreign element is present near the participant. This is critical for a fair and non-cheating examination.


How does Testlibra solve this problem?

Testlibra has a tool called Foreign Object Detection. If the participants try to cheat by taking pictures of the questions while taking the test, it will record an anomaly with a time stamp and show the entire anomaly history to the admin. It will detect a wide range of electronic gadgets, not only mobile phones. It helps in a fair evaluation. Foreign object detection will figure out who is being fair in the examination. Participants think online exams are easy to pass. And if we see it practically it is true. Online exams are really easy to pass because there is no one to check. But now with Testlibra foreign object detection, it will detect all the foreign objects present near the participant.

Now online exams will be fair for everyone. This tool detects and tells if anyone is trying to cheat while writing an exam and informs the admin that keeps the environment cheating-free and equal for everyone. Being fair in exams is really important and it helps in better evaluation and onboarding of the participants.

Conclusion Foreign Object Detection

TestLibra offers a lot of features. It will help in better selection. Save time and work smart with TextLibra.

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