Electronic Device Detection

using electronic devices in online assessments

Each one of us might agree with the fact that Google knows everything. How magnificent it will be if we can google in examinations. Some people carry mobile phones or Bluetooth devices to assessment sites for help. This is often a tricky way of cheating but guarantees to ace the evaluation. However, the ease of using these devices in online assessments is as easy as pie. This is because the check for electronic gadgets is easy in offline inspections but emerges as an immense challenge when things turn online.

Electronic gadgets and online assessments

The rapidly advancing technology has hiked up cheating cases. As a consequence of growth in technology, a 42% hike in cheating over the past four years has been observed. The use of electronic devices to receive or share answers is the most common and simplest mode of cheating in online assessments. During the online examination, this means of cheating is the most common and the easiest to ace the examination. The percentage of cheating using electronic devices has risen exponentially. The sharing of answers is at its peak in online assessments. This extreme use of electronic devices results in mass cheating and thus inaccurate results. Hence, there is an immediate need of putting an end to the use of electronic devices in online assessments.

Electronic device detection by TestLibra

The feature named Electronic Device Detection offered by TestLibra detects the presence of any electronic device in the room. The result of this feature is the same as that of the electronic gadget detection device used in offline examinations by multiple agencies. The invigilator is notified if any electronic device is nearby the candidate away from the visibility of the invigilator. In case of any suspicion of electronic device detection, the candidate is blacklisted and action can be taken accordingly after the confirmation of his/her misdeed. Hence, malpractices using electronic devices do not stand a chance anymore with TestLibra.

Why choose TestLibra

In today’s digital world of growing malpractices, TestLibra offers revolutionary attributes to overcome them. TestLibra is consistently innovating in the domain of online assessments. With mindblowing features such as Electronic Device detection, Resume Screening, Multiple People Detection, Face recognition, and many more, TestLibra is all set to revolutionize online assessments. Thus, set yourself free of any concerns regarding online assessments as TestLibra has a solution to all your queries and worries. Hire the best candidates and get an extraordinary experience working with TestLibra.

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