Data Security and Privacy

Ever been scammed online or hacked? Or maybe you have heard of someone who experienced so? People avoid sharing data online due to the risk of the data leak. Despite all the safety measures taken, around 2200 cyber-attacks occur daily. Identities are leaked every day which creates a threat among the users online. Data security and privacy is a must in any online platform these days. Therefore, Data Privacy and Security come above all when dealing with customer data. TestLibra respects your privacy and ensures your safety. Let us know what Data Security and Privacy are and how TestLibra protects them.

What are Data Security and Data Privacy?

Data security is securing your data from harmful users, cybercrimes, and third-party access thus making a digital platform safe to use. On the other hand, data privacy is the restriction of access to data. This prevents data leaks and the use of your information by third parties.

TestLibra offers the best possible solutions

TestLibra brings you Video KYC for Identity verification of the candidate before assessment. The data provided by the candidate reaches the interviewer without any third-party involvement. Therefore, there is no need for any Physical Identity verification of the candidate.

No need to rush around for identity verification in this digital era where you can do anything at your ease. Now, verify your identity without the risk of an Identity leak. TestLibra ensures proper security of the data collected and safely delivers it to the receiver without any third-party interruption. KYC verifies the identity and reduces the risk of fraud or cybercrime.

Why TestLibra?

TestLibra is working hard to prevent all the fraud, crimes, and malpractices often faced by users in today’s digital world. We put your safety above all and offer you the most genuine services. Our team is constantly monitoring the ways of betterment possible in our service to provide our customers an extremely satisfactory experience.

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