Audio and Video Recorder: Easy Tracker!

While Online examination you might want to record and keep it for future reference. On platforms like Zoom, it is very difficult to record audio and video. TestLibra erases this problem with an audio and video recorder, which enables you to record audio as well as video.

The question arises will I be able to record unlimited videos and audio? So the answer is yes you can record unlimited video and audio and can access it anytime. Now you can watch the candidate several times to make sure he/she is not copying. Testlibra also has foreign object detection that can help you detect any electronic devices around him/her.

Tests will now be fair and equal for everyone. Accessing and giving marks will be easy as you don’t have to remember all the details of the candidates and can access his/her information and mark at your own convenience.

Audio and video recorder helps you to keep the information in one place and also accessible anytime which takes off your work burden and now you can judge the candidate at your own convenient time and also in a much easier way. It helps in keeping a record of the process and exam that helps the evaluator to understand the candidate better. It improves the selection of the candidate and the evaluation process.

Conclusion Audio and Video recorder

With Testlibra, you can work more efficiently and with less work. It includes numerous features that aid in the recruitment and hiring process. It saves time and energy while making the process easier. Are you still putting in the effort? Why work hard when we can take the burden off your shoulders? You will be shocked to see how much work you were doing previously if you check out Testlibra Features right away. Try Testlibra to relieve some of the weight from your shoulders.

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