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Mass Assessments

Send bulk invitations to conduct multiple types of tests in a go.


AI-powered Facial Recognition, Suspicious Activity Monitor with multiple type of objects


Gather KYC before assessment.


Monitor and Connect with candidates with live broadcast.

Readymade Templates

Readymade Templates Choose pre-built templates or create your own questions.

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Quick & time saving results

02 mins

06 days

Mass Assessment

05 mins

02 hrs

Profile import from different source

02 mins

03 days

Candidate shortlist

05 mins

02 hrs

Interview reminder & feedback mails

00 mins

05 hrs

Reports & data collating

20 mins

What We Offer

AI-Powered Fraud Detection

Find right candidates for right role with AI powered fraud Detection. With TestLibra, fraud can be detected without the candidate’s knowledge. You can review the history of anomalies found throughout the test with Admin panel.
With this tool, you can provide unbiased and equal opportunity to all.

Mass Assessments

With a single click, add all candidates to the panel and send mass invites to run many types of tests at the same time.

Application Tracking System

Reduce the time spent searching for the correct resumes for the relevant role.
We can automate this process by filtering resumes depending on your preferences such as experience, job role, skill set, and so on.
Make hiring 80% faster than usual with TestLibra.


Video & Audio Recordings

When you begin the test, the test window is locked and starts recording candidate's every movement through the webcam until he finish the exam.

Multiple Question Types

Make your own custom template test with a variety of question types. Coding, Pictorial, Behavioral, Multiple choice Questions etc.

Summary Report

Get the individual candidate's comprehensive summary report with attempted answers, detected anomalies and test recordings.

Built-in Compiler

Built-in compiler makes it simple to run Programing tests with multiple programming language compatibility. This makes applicant to execute, compile, and debug the code.

Virtual KYC Enabled

Collect the candidate's government-issued ID card and verify the candidate with our portal before the test.

Geo Tag

Track the candidate's location and IP address, which aid in confirming the candidate's location.


With testlibra, my attempts to hire qualified candidates were automated. In comparison to earlier approaches, I can now easily perform large-scale assessments in less time.

Krishna Prasad HR Manager

I recently got an opportunity to use a Test Libra for my organization, and It was Satisfying. It allowed me to quickly and easily create a list of potential candidates and their qualifications, so that I could quickly narrow down the list and make a decision. I was very pleased with this software and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great screening software.

Amresh Srinivasa Senior Recruiter

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